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About Hinshitsu
Piston, piston ring, cylinder liner and water pump are manufactured in Hinshitsu production line. Hinshitsu brand is a brand exported to the world.

In our company, quality control is applied in all stages from raw material entry to shipment in order to ensure product production in accordance with the specified conditions. The competence, awareness and training of our employees are continuously increased and production and service are provided completely.

Hinshitsu exports approximately 75% of its piston and motor liners directly and indirectly and markets the rest domestically. Our products, which have gained appreciation of our customers in domestic and foreign markets, have become a sought-after brand for engine parts, especially in Russia and Ukraine market.

Aiming to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction without compromising quality, our brand continues to improve its technical capabilities and increase its production capacity depending on customer requests, technological developments and increase in orders.

As a result of these developments, Hinshitsu will continue to offer our customers products with quality features stipulated by national and international standards, and our production capacity will increase in the same direction.

Hinshitsu is a registered trademark of Güneybağlılar Oto Yedek Parça A.Ş.